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Hello World!

In the grand spirit of starting anew, I had a thought. Once a year comes to pass, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember how I spent my days, or keep track of all that I've worked on. Everything starts to blur and blend together like a a kaleidoscope of time and I can't figure out where something stops and another beings. I start to trap myself in an endless cycle of figuring out the same answers to the same questions that I know I've asked myself before. I also realized that I have SO much saved to my phone that always goes unpublished. Not just related to productions either! I keep track of so much inspirational material, art, fashion, articles, movies, books, photography-- you name it! Things I always save, but have no outlet to share them to. So I think I want this to become a place where I share things that I collect, and how my shows of the year are progressing! I also have gotten into the habit to try to write down my favorite memories as well-- moments that would otherwise be forgotten to the ether of the universe unless someone tries to remember it all.

I want to be the person that remembers.

True to millennial fashion, nostalgia is a huge part of my every-day life. And like many people, my own brain can tend to wallow in the negative or the anxiety of things only going wrong--- without remembering how 98% of the time, things actually go really right. Memory is a hard and elusive thing, and it's only going to get harder from here on out--- so let's do something about it!

I also want to come up with a clever name for what I want this place to be--- not just "Jazmin's Blog"

It'll come to me. :) So I hope you come along on this journey with me. Maybe You'll get the chance to see how I can view the world-- and how it affects the way we live and define ourselves in it.

Happy 2024!

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