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costume designer

hair|wig|make-up designer

upon request


Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

JAZMIN AURORA MEDINA is a queer, Xicana, interdisciplinary artist with a focus in costume design, & wig | hair | make-up design. Born & bred from Milwaukee, WI, Jazmin is a firm believer in finding the magic in every day life-----that by designing her very daydreams, wearing joy will bring joy. She sees every body as a canvas & that there is absolutely no body that she can't design for. There is always a story without words being told in one's appearance.


Through the multiple facets of my identity-- Xicana, queer, femme, living in a larger body-- I have been able to become a strong theatrical costume designer, and an even better visual story teller. I believe in the possibility of clothing---- in the armor and comfort a single piece can bring, whether on stage or in the every day. Clothing is transformative. It is through what we wear that we can best showcase what we want to say to the world, and who we are. I dress how my younger self could only dream of doing-- with confidence and style that constantly has me searching for inspiration all around me. My strengths lie in imagination, whimsy, & even high fashion, in any time, in any place. From a story set in a typical everyday bedroom, to an underwater sea hotel, my designs are a chameleon for any space I'm in. I use color and texture to transcribe an internal poetic world, that can be felt externally in the visual. As a steadfast collaborator, I see my designs as one piece of a giant puzzle. The goal is for my designs to become --our-- designs.


I am a sponge that carries the lessons, art, and inspiration from my community-- a multitude of artists, teachers, and youth-- from both in and outside the theatre. As a life-long learner, I believe there is always something more to gain an understanding of, and thus I will always continue to grow. I am always wanting to learn more, and share what I know. I couldn't be more grateful for all the people I have been able to work & collaborate with, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store. Maybe it might be you?

I wouldn't be here without the tremendous support of my incredible family, friends and community, and would like to continually honor them through my design work.

I dedicate what I do, to them.

Let's tell a story together. Let's live in the fantasy, the dreams, the magic. Let me help transform how we feel in what we wear.  


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  • Freelances professionally as a costume designer since 2015

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts with a focus in Costume Design and Wardrobe from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 2017

  • Selected as one of thirty-four 'Young Emerging Designers' representing the United States in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial

  • Her selection was based on her costume design for EURYDICE at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at Waukesha and was chosen out of 300 designer applicants

  • Awarded 'Best Costume Design' by the Chicago Music Theatre Festival for her work on DOUBLE VISION in 2020

  • When she's not in the theater, Jazmin is a fashionista who lives for color, glitter, art & fashion

  • Her favorite shows are The Office, Parks & Rec, or New Girl and can seamlessly quote from any

  • She loves getting inspired by the storytelling in film, tv & animation--which her dream is to be able to design for all three in the near future!

  • You can catch her at the nearest thrift store, indie book store, or art museum-- her favorite places to be! She can find the best of things in the most unknown of places.

  • But most likely you'll find her jamming out to BTS at top volume in her car, if she's not already watching a live broadcast. :) They're a huge inspiration to her as an artist!

  • She's a Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Libra Rising; a lilac lieutenant aka a member of the BTS ARMY; an ARMYST (Army + Artist); Slytherin; Team Instinct. 


JAZMIN AURORA MEDINA RESUME 01.01.2024 PDF-page-001.jpg
JAZMIN AURORA MEDINA RESUME 01.01.2024 PDF-page-002.jpg
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