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By Stephen Schwartz

Music Theatre Works | Skokie, IL | Spring 2023

The unforgettable score of Pippin has shown multiple generations how to forge your own path in the world. Imaginatively presented through multiple revivals of a young person's journey to self, join Music Theater Works' staging among the toys and games that defined our childhoods. Winner of four 2013 Tony Awards including Best Musical Revival with some of the most infectiously memorable music in the business by four-time Grammy winner, three-time Oscar winner and musical theater giant Stephen Schwartz.


Director/Producing Artistic Director: Kyle Dougan 

Assistant Director: Patrick Tierney

Assistant Director Chorus Master: Sasha Gerritson

Music Director: Justin Kono

Dramaturg: Nathan Lamp

Co-Choreographer: Kaitlyn Pasquinelli

Co-Choreographer: Mollyanne Moon

Stage Management: Allison Gonzales

Assistant Stage Manager: Lily Landoch

Scenic Design: Shane Cinal

Lighting Design: Andrew Meyers

Sound Design: Matthew R. Chase

Production Sound Engineer: Forrest Gregor

Media Designer: David Sajewich

Costume Design: Jazmin Aurora Medina

Assistant Costume Design: Kristen Brinati 

Wig/Hair & Make-up Design: Alice Salazar

Assistant Wig/Hair Make-up Design: Melanie Saso


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