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TYA: World Premiere Choose-Your-Own Adventure


Spring 2023


Chicago, IL


Filament Theatre

Check out More on the FEATURED WORK page for this show!

Director: Jamal Howard
Stage Manager: Monica M. Brown
Assistant Stage Manager: Danny Gadj
Production Consultant: Noel Huntzinger
Photography: @rudyschieder & @worksbywillow
Scenic & Properties Design: Eleanor Kahn
Lighting Design: Ellie Humphrys
Sound Design: Jeffrey Levin & Tyler Hughes
Costume Design + Hair/Make-up Design: Jazmin Aurora Medina
Youth Costume Crafts Artisan: Adriana Vallejo-Aldape
Technical Director: David Pries
Accessibility Rep and Consultant: Korey Joseph
Fight Choreographer: Jillian Jeff
Audience Engagement Design: Erika Wilson
Production Teaching Artist: Nico Roy

Jordan Chase: Christabel Donker
Mahari: Joolz Stroop
Ryan: Xela Rosas
Ms. Fine: Brittany Ellis
Grandma Nicky: RJ W. Mays
Understudies: Lauren Paige & Will Pettaway

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