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Spring 2023


Arlington Heights, IL


Costume Designer + Wig/Hair/Make-up Designer

Check out More on the FEATURED WORK page for this show!

Director: Jerrell L. Henderson
Artistic Director: Robbie Simpson
Production Manager: Alexis Nau
Production Assistant & Production Stage Manager: Alexandra Raffini
Calling Stage Manager: Lili Aliye Saga Björklund
Dramaturg: T. Chester
Dialect Coach: Adam Goldstein
Music Director: Aaron Zimmerman
Choreographer: Shaun Peters
Intimacy Director: Samantha Kaufman
Violence Director: Fight Shop
Scenic Designer: Eric Luchen
Technical Director: Kyle Mcdermott
Charge Artist: Alexa Wiljanen
Props Designer: Theresa Neumayer
Lighting Designer: Adam Jezl-Sikorski
Sound Designer: Abbey Nettleton
Costume Designer + Wig & Makeup Designer: Jazmin Aurora Medina
Costume Design Assistant: Sara Morrison
Wardrobe Crew: Veronica Stark
Wig & Make-up Crew: Miguel Ramos
Casting Director: Robin Hughes
Video: Mike Meyer
Photography: Eric Luetz and Jennifer Heim Photography

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